DME & LME Kits

This kit uses 100% Dry Malt Extract or Liquid Malt Extract to brew an easy beer. Hops and Yeast make up most of the "Flavour" and taste of your beer, so choose on the basis of your hops and yeast.

2 Different base malt kits are available: This will yield a 4.5% beer with a gravity of about 1.045. Colour will be a nice amber to dark amber colour with full of body.

  1. Dry malt extract 2.5kg
  2. Liquid malt extract 3.0kg

All LME Kit - JP's Best Amber Ale

All LME Kit - JP's Best Amber Ale

This is our tried and tested recipe to enter your intermediate level of boiling. During Lockdow..


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